The Inner Freedom

Among the realities that surround us there are some that we can dispose of and others that are beyond our power and will. Ours are views, impulses, desires, affections and everything that represents our own activity. Besides our will are the body, the fame, the leader’s force and everything is not specific us.

aaabbbThose that depend on us are free by their essence and nature, and they cannot be  stopped or hindered by any obstacle. Those over which we have no power are weak, hesitant and at the will of others.

So, if you believe them free which by their nature are subject, if you consider them your own ones that are foreign to you, then you will stumble in front of obstacles, will be angry and protest against your life and people.

On the contrary, if you consider yours only those that belog to you and as strangers to you those outside you, then no one will ever be able to force you, nobody and nothing will stop you, will no longer have to protest against anyone, won’t do anything against your will, won’t have enemies and taken down by what is harmful.

So if you are pursuing important goals, you must remember that you don’t have to depend on them, being driven by enthusiasm; it is necessary to leave certain things, and from others you must abstain.


Remember that satisfying your desire means stopping it, but abstinence from statisfaction is a way of not meeting other desires. So try to just want what you need, but in moderation, and reject what must be rejected, by doing them in a state of discretion and self-control.

The master is the one who has power over the desired and undesirable thigs by someone, because he can produce and prevent them. Therefore, one who wants to be independent mustn’t want or reject things that are in the power of others. If anyone doesn’t do that, surly will become a slave.

Epictetus, Enchiridon



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