The Battlements


I mistrustly aprroach towards the massive and silent walls.

I feel the threat, so I move forward slowly, resolutely and carefully. So far I relied on my strong hands and I’m sure I can count on them in the future as well. My body is tensed. One step. One more step. I’m careful while lurking.

I’m ready when a silex ax from above the walls flies towards me. I avoid it by relying on my skill. My ax is of brilliant bronze, and I throw it hard to the battlements where it causes a beast whine.

I’m hurrying forward.

An iron spear comes from the battlements and stops me for a moment. I keep myself from it again, and the enemy’s weapon just touches my steel armor. I immediately take a lance, and my response shot exactly thouches the target.

I’m still going forward and the shadow of battlements is coveing me completely.

From a darkness of a window an arrow comes buzzing to me. It gets into my shield that I raised in time. In my turn, I stretch the bow and the arow passes through the battlements and triggering a groan that quickly vanished.

My horse is galloping now, and around us fall down a lot of arrows, spears and lit torches. From time to time I retaliate, and then the enemy guns stop for a while.

The first shot between the walls doesn’t surprise me at all. The trenchers are already ready, I just have to support my rifle on the edge of the pit, to aim and press the trigger quitely. Suddenly a machine gun starts shooting me from the high walls. Of course, the bullets have no effect on the concrete walls of my casemate. I fight back, and my machine gun shoots without stopping.

My weapons become more and more dangerous and my strikes touch precisely the targets, raising flames and smoke. I’m moving forward faster and faster.

The threatening battlements endlessly extend beyond the horizon.

Dorin Davideanu, Crenelurile

translated from Romanian by Marcel Rus

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