The Earth


Did you know, did you know

That the Earth is a star ?

Somebody far,

Far away

At the end of the day

Looks out on the sky

With the stars swimming by,

And cries  “Oh, how bright

The Earth is tonight !


How wonderful it must be, how rare,

To be born on the bright, bright Earth up there !

How the stars must shine !

How the grass must glisten

When the dew is risen !

The rays must fall

On the radiant seas


On the glittering wall.


How full, how full

Of light it must be

To live on the bright, bright Earth

I see

Turning up there,

Burning up there,

Swimming away on the glitering air !”

Didn’t you know

You are born on a star ?

Well, you are.

Eleanor Farjeon, The Earth

#earth, #sky, #star, #wonderful