Traveling to Impossible

It was an indefinite day of March or April and I went unsteadily to the boyar’s palace. Here, in a room covered with wainscoting, the teacher was waiting for me. He has started a  strange lecture on impossible. It was the turn of the utopian. While I was going to the meeting place I was wondering if it was a farce of my original friend.


 Starting from almost any word, a spiral can be lifted and rounded a thought. But the impossible, being so dry and devoid of sap, remains a no-body notion. Imagination doesn’t even try to make it a profile. In our rushed century, who has time to meditate on such a non-substantial term ?

The question was rhetorically. Even in our fast-growing world, thousands of creators give life daily to a few specimens of impossible in the form of books, movies, plays and TV productions, and millions of people demand and consume the essence of impossible in all aspects in which it is offered. In the past, fleeing for chimeras, as bold as in our modern age, created Olympus and passed the Styx.

Flee in search of the impossible is somehow a general human trait ? A saying said nothing was worth doing except the impossible. Utopian applauds. He is ready for any concession: if the impossible cannot be reached, it must at least be imagined.

The notion of uncertainty indicates the fragility of the boundary between possible and impossible, giving us a picture of the relativity of our knowledge. Getting here, we are looking for the words: “Under certain conditions it is possible…”. The subjective factor that oscillates the status of any concept finds here a vast area of influence.

The unlikely is the uncertainty of the impossible. Situations favorable to the manifestation of phenomena excluded by known laws may be built, but that could be justified by laws that are still unknown.

Remains impossible. It is not an empty space and even less an amorphous space. The solutions that fit here contradict everything that is known, seem fancy, chimeric, absurd. It is known that there is a fantasy literature, the chimeras could never be removed from art, and the term absurd defines today a well-defined literary category.

The history of science also reminds us that many hypotheses first appeared in the area of impossible before they were fixed in the space of great certainty.

from Horia Arama, Insulele fericite