The Sailing Vessel


The rich sands

Have filled the bay, and we

Waiting for a sign of departure… Now,

The sky is clear and the birds,

Why don’t birds sing anymore ?

Oh, even the rum

From the green


Sounds a bit like a whisper.


Sing friends and freely lift

The canvas !


On the black hills


The eagle owl.


Sing… Only you don’t know

The wind is good and the sailing vessel

Rests on the sand.

Iosif Caraiman, Corabia

translated from Romanian by Marcel Rus


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Boulevards widen in the summer night,

On trees – electric light,

At the station a car started

And in vain train horns trembled.


On sapphire sky – misers’ treasures…

Silence in wilderness softly vibrates

The city, slowly it seems a salon,

Now, virgin girls in sleep move on.

George Bacovia, Noapte

translated from Romanian by Marcel Rus

#boulevards, #city, #electric-light, #george-bacovia, #misers-treasures, #night, #salon, #silence, #sky, #sleep, #station, #summer, #train-horns, #trees, #virgin-girls, #wilderness

The Earth


Did you know, did you know

That the Earth is a star ?

Somebody far,

Far away

At the end of the day

Looks out on the sky

With the stars swimming by,

And cries  “Oh, how bright

The Earth is tonight !


How wonderful it must be, how rare,

To be born on the bright, bright Earth up there !

How the stars must shine !

How the grass must glisten

When the dew is risen !

The rays must fall

On the radiant seas


On the glittering wall.


How full, how full

Of light it must be

To live on the bright, bright Earth

I see

Turning up there,

Burning up there,

Swimming away on the glitering air !”

Didn’t you know

You are born on a star ?

Well, you are.

Eleanor Farjeon, The Earth

#earth, #sky, #star, #wonderful

The Colours


Last night it seemed to me that I was in a strange world without bright colours – black trees against a cloudy sky, black shadows against white walls… and I got afraid and started to cry for help. And… just as in a story, coloured pencils marching one by one to me saying “Hello, how are you ?”

And I shook hands with Yellow first and painted the shining sun in the sky, the rich fields of wheat and the fair hair of my sister.

“May I introduce myself ?”, said Green. “I’m the colour of life and we went together and made the green grass and the leaves dance in all their beauty in the warm wind.

Then I took Blue and suddenly the sky and the sea came to life and the eyes of my friends opened and saw the beauty of the world.

“Hem, hem… actually I think we’ve already met, haven’t we ?”, said the fat Brown. “The whole earth with houses and food is mine and I can make lots of interesting things. How about planting together  ‘the seeds of knowledge now ?’ ” And happily we went to school and painted the desks and the pencil boxes.

Then the big Red flew into my open hand and I planted red tulips in our garden and happy smiles on the faces of all the children in the world.

And only now, White and Black became beautiful colours in our text-books, perfectly matching the coloured universe of our happiness. And only then I woked up, and everything was as beautiful as it will always be.

Doris Bunaciu,The Coulours

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